"The body is the Bow, asana is the Arrow, and the soul is the target." bks Iyengar

I believe that the practice should be blissful and nourishing.  I add a dose of healthy hedonism to each class with sound physiological adaptations to classical alignment, and a poetically curious inquiry toward reflection in each pose.  It is my goal to introduce a renewed way of moving and feeling in each class.  I hope to enable students to feel the subtleties of their bodies, the emotional significance of their intentions, and the profound power that each ofus has to make serious change when we are intentional with our actions.  I have a passion for art and design. My classes are not separate from this passion, and i strive to impart an architectural introspection in each class. Through a methodical application of rhythm and repetition, my classes provide students an experience that builds through a familiar unfolding and ascending spiral of expression.  I truly love teaching!